The Institute of Energy Established the Deep Earth Science and Engineering Center

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In order to implement the spirit of general secretary's important speech that "exploring the deep earth is a strategic scientific and technological problem that we must solve", the Institute of Energy of Hefei Comprehensive National Science Center insisted on "four orientations" and decided to set up a "Deep Earth Science and Engineering Center". The director of the Center is concurrently served by Academician Li Jiangang, president of the Institute of Energy, and the executive director is concurrently served by Academician Yuan Liang, president of Anhui University of Technology and vice president of the Institute of Energy. Professor Tang Chun’an, a national leading talent, served as the executive vice-director of the Center, and Professor Mu Chaomin of Anhui University of Technology served as the deputy director of the Center.

The Institute of Energy will take advantage of the platform of the Hefei Advanced Research Institute to build a Deep Earth Science and Engineering Research Center, pool Hefei's high-quality scientific and educational resources and make full use of the ultra-deep, ultra-static and ultra-clean in-situ laboratory conditions of abandoned mines in Huainan mining area, and focus on key scientific issues such as the coordinated development of deep coal resources with new energy sources such as wind, light, water and heat, deep digital engineering geology, multi-field space-time coupling evolution, stability maintenance of functional stratum space, risk advance and accurate early warning, intelligent emergency repair and rescue, etc. It will also carry out in-depth digital twin engineering original state scene, engineering disturbance multi-field coupling disaster evolution, innovation and multi-energy complementary technology system, CO2 engineering storage and ecological carbon sink, distributed smart electric grid construction, digital risk early warning system, emergency rescue technology and equipment, deep resources and energy exploitation and other research. It strives to produce a number of original and subversive scientific and technological achievements, serving the country's major strategic needs and the high-quality development of regional industries.

Taking the lead in the construction of the Deep Earth Science and Engineering Center of the Institute of Energy is of great scientific and strategic significance for seizing the commanding heights of the deep frontier scientific fields, developing deep major scientific experimental devices, building a "pillar of the nation", serving the development of the country's deep earth energy resources and solving the technical problems in the construction of national major projects such as Sichuan-Tibet Railway.